Slow Down signs make for a safer neighborhood.

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Highest Quality - Printed on Both Sides - Stakes Included


Attractive, Highly Visible and Affordable Slow Down Yard Signs Help Create a Calming Effect on Neighborhood Traffic

The best value - a simple and affordable solution that can help slow speeders to make your entire neighborhood safer - with the most options to maximize the message you send to drivers! Made from the highest quality materials, our slow down child safety yard signs are built to last and look great. Four unique designs provide maximum impact.

  • Highly Visible from both directions (with no bleed-through like cheaper safety signs) so regardless of whether cars are coming or going, the message is clear.
  • Durable - made from weather and fade-resistant materials with sturdy metal stakes to ensure they are tough enough to withstand all climates and seasons, year after year.
  • Attractive - unlike the flimsy, cheap-looking signs or clunky plastic alternatives, the clean lines and eye-catching colors of Slow Down safety signs make a good-looking addition to your property.

Slow Down Your Street!

Slow Down Signs help keep your children and your neighborhood safer by reminding speeding and distracted drivers to slow down!

Share Slow Down Signs child safety yard sign sets with neighbors, placing the signs in succession in the yards along your street so that drivers see the message repeatedly. Rotate the signs regularly to help keep drivers alert to children at play, pets and other pedestrians.

See SlowDownSigns in action: An effective way to help keep our neighborhoods safer!